Bringing the Text to Life

Sparring Partners Mark 7:24-37

Sparring Partners

Talking back to God is not only okay, it's also a gift to God.

At a Glance

This text contains a remarkable exchange between Jesus and a woman. It's remarkable because Jesus' "sparring partner" is: a) a woman, b) a Gentile and c) a person whom Jesus appears to insult. What's happening here?

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's epistle text, see "FriendShifts," September 10, 2000, at 

Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino world champion professional boxer. Last spring, when preparing for his May 2 bout against the undefeated American fighter, Floyd Mayweather Jr., his trainer Freddie Roach spoke to a Manila reporter. Roach said that after seeing Pacquiao sparring with two separate training partners, he was going to up the ante and make his prized fighter work even more.

One of Pacquiao's sparring partners that day was Canada's Dierry Jean, who has a record of 28 wins. Trainer Roach said that in future training, he plans to have the Canadian fighter throw more right hands at Manny because "Mayweather throws a lot of right hands."


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