Bringing the Text to Life

The Greatest Gift of All Time Ephesians 2:11-22

The Greatest Gift of All Time

In an uncertain, dangerous and ambiguous world, we need a gift that will maintain its value forever.

At a Glance

The giving of gifts is a practice, or ritual, that has existed as long as humans have lived in community. These gifts are both great and small. What are some of the greatest gifts ever given? Granted, some subjectivity is involved in the answer, but Christians can agree that the greatest gift is Jesus, himself, who, as this text points out, is the one who brings us all together in unity.

Editors' Pick

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New Jersey. Drought-resistant wheat seeds. The Trojan Horse. The World Wide Web. Human freedom. Penicillin. A green bike. Jesus Christ.

What do the items in this list, as diverse as they are, have in common?

All are gifts.

Maybe the greatest gifts in history.

New Jersey was given as a present in 1665 by the Duke of York to two royalists, Sir George Carteret and Lord Berkeley. Fortunately, the territory did not remain in their hands; it reverted to the English crown in 1702, and...

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