Bringing the Text to Life

Hope in a Seed Mark 4:26-34

Hope in a Seed

We need to spread the gospel seed, but the germination and growth are God's responsibility.

At a Glance

Fifty years ago, a man sent seeds to India and Pakistan and saved a billion lives. Jesus talks about seed, too, and stresses the importance of planting. The harvesting, however, belongs to God.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's epistle text, see "Cheating Death," June 14, 2009, at

He's been called "The man who saved a billion lives." Ask your congregation if they can guess about whom you're talking? Chances are, no one will know the answer: Norman Borlaug -- definitely not a household name. So it's not surprising if absolutely no one guesses correctly, or even knows who this guy is once you tell them.

Dr. Borlaug was never one to seek fame, and the accomplishment that earned him this title took place 50 years ago in 1965. That's the year Borlaug shipped the first of his new wheat seed varieties to the Indian subcontinent, making possible the feeding of a billion people in India and Pakistan. So this year is the...

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