Bringing the Text to Life

Spirit Code Romans 8:22-27

Spirit Code

Praying on our own, our requests become confused and misdirected. But the Spirit helps to deliver our prayers to God.

At a Glance

In rural Ireland, many towns and villages have nothing resembling a ZIP code. So, if there are three Patrick Murphys in town, the intended recipient may not get his mail until the other two Murphys have pawed through it. Getting our prayers through to God sometimes feels as difficult as getting Patrick Murphy his mail. But there's hope!

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's Acts reading, see "The Interpreter," June 4, 2006, at

"Deliver to the oldest Patrick Murphy first."

That's been the practice in the Irish post office for many years. If you write a letter to Patrick Murphy in Abbeyfeale, County Limerick, your message might not get to the right man. In fact, it could pass through several other guys with the same name.

Towns in many parts of rural Ireland don't use house numbers. Some addresses even lack street names. And unlike the rest of Europe, they don't have numbers called postal codes -- what we would call ZIP codes here in the United...

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