Bringing the Text to Life

The Holy Autocorrect Ephesians 1:15-23

The Holy Autocorrect

We need not be derailed by the clash between the pain of earth and the hope of God's kingdom.

At a Glance

We live with Autocorrect on a daily basis now. Autocorrection software is becoming more sophisticated than ever. And, as much as we like to complain about it, it really does an amazing job of tidying up after us when we're trying to text a message while -- for example -- on a bouncing bus weaving through downtown traffic. Now, is it possible that this could be a metaphor for how the Holy Spirit works in our lives?

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "That Should Work," May 20, 2012, at

Here's an actual phone text message:

Sender: This is Jesus this is my new number

Sender: Jessi

Recipient: I was shocked that Jesus felt I was a close enough friend to give me his number ...

Another actual text message:

Sender: Did you know there was a Brown window spider?

Sender: Window

Sender: Da[rn] window

Sender: Ugh window

Sender: [Expletive] window

Sender: [Undecipherable] window

Sender: Are you kidding me?

Sender: There is a...

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