Bringing the Text to Life

A Brief History of Jesus Mark 1:9-15

A Brief History of Jesus

Reading Mark's little book about Jesus can make us bigger -- and better -- people.

At a Glance

Long novels are making a comeback. Want a novel that you can live with for a while? Something that's like 800 pages long? These days, such novels are not hard to find. This brings us, by contrast, to the shortest of the gospels, Mark. In just seven verses of today's text, the writer gives us a breathtaking summary of the person, work and life of Jesus Christ.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's epistle text, see "The One and Only Original Sin," February 16, 1997, at

Long novels -- 700 or more pages -- are making a comeback. At least, that's a conclusion you might come to, judging from the books that are dominating book festivals and publishers' lists of late. As one example, little over a year ago, New York publishers engaged in a bidding war over Garth Risk Halberg's debut novel City on Fire, which runs 900 pages. Knopf won the bid, paying nearly $2 million for the manuscript.

That book will join other recent fiction tomes, including ...

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