Bringing the Text to Life

Rules of the Road John 1:43-51

Rules of the Road

If discipleship is a journey, what are the rules?

At a Glance

Weird traffic laws have always been a part of American culture, but, in John's gospel, the best rules of the road are those that lead us straight to Jesus.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's epistle text, see "36,722 Years," January 15, 2012, at

One of the great rites of passage in American

culture is when a teenager gets his or her driver's license. It takes the patience of Job to sit through the endless waiting at the DMV, nerves of steel to convince the tester that you can actually drive a vehicle while avoiding the impulse to text message and have a rudimentary knowledge of the rules of the road when taking the written test. Successfully navigate that labyrinth of bureaucratic stress and you become the proud owner of a laminated card that demonstrates to the world that you're a licensed driver (and also that you're quite capable of having a bad hair day).

While most of the United States observes most traffic laws in common, like ...

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