Bringing the Text to Life

The Christian Textbook Romans 13:8-14

The Christian Textbook

Textbooks can be confusing, especially when the subject is math. Is it any easier teaching morals? The apostle Paul gives it a try.

At a Glance

Ever stare at a word problem on a math test and wondered, "What were they thinking when they wrote this?" A website called Thanks Textbooks points out the goofy ways in which textbook writers unintentionally make problems less clear or more baffling for students. Fortunately, Paul's textbook advice is a lot easier to understand.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's OT text, see "Cord Blood," September 5, 1999, at

Let's go back to high school for a moment. Okay, maybe there's a lot you'd like to forget about your high school years, like peer pressure, the clothes you were wearing then and the hair. And gym class.

One thing about which high school grads agree is that the textbooks contained some of the most boring, mundane and, sometimes, baffling statements you've ever read in your life. If you've ever spent part of a test period trying to figure out why anyone would care (much less notice) that a train traveling 25 miles an...

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