Bringing the Text to Life

Prisoners of Hope Zechariah 9:9-12

Prisoners of Hope

It's better to be a prisoner of hope than a prisoner of despair.

At a Glance

Today's text talks about a king who will come and proclaim peace. We wondered how many times that has happened. How often has peace been proclaimed? The answer is astounding. What about a permanent peace? There's only one King who has made such a proclamation: The Prince of Peace.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel reading, see "The Greatest Generation," July 4, 1999, at

There's a website called Sporcle that provides what it calls "mentally stimulating diversions" -- a highfalutin name for trivia games. These games require you to answer a series of questions against a clock, and many of them are quite challenging.

One of these quizzes deals with 15 important peace treaties. The game tells you the years and what the treaties accomplished, and then gives you six minutes to come up with the 15 treaty names (see sidebar on page 11). For example: What's the 1721 treaty that ended the Great Northern War between Sweden and...

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