Bringing the Text to Life

#YOLO John 10:1-10


Only one life to live. We better do it right.

At a Glance

Move over OMG, LOL and TGIF. You've got a new friend: #YOLO, short for "You only live once." Think of it as "Carpe Diem" for the digital age, and over the last few years it's become the motto for a majority of modern young people.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's Acts reading, see "The Effortless Present," April 17, 2005, at

YOLO. Chances are good that if you know anyone under the age of 30 then you've heard them say this.

If you're a regular on Twitter, you've seen YOLO -- guaranteed.

If you do Facebook, you've seen it in hashtag form describing all kinds of craziness. YOLO is an acronym for "You only live once." Think of it as "carpe diem" for the digital age, and, over the last few years, it's arguably become the motto for many, if not most, of the millennial generation.

With eyes and ears now poised to spot it, don't be surprised when you see YOLO attached to all kinds of less-than-noble...

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