Bringing the Text to Life

Solvitur Ambulando Romans 8:6-11

Solvitur Ambulando

Many of the problems of life are dealt with only by muddling through -- but muddling through in the Spirit of God.

At a Glance

You'd think that an object, the essential characteristic of which is perfect roundness, could not be improved upon. If it's round, it's round. End of story. The focus for today's material is simply on a Latin expression, solvitur ambulando. The expression means that everything is solved by walking. Really? Is it that simple?

Editors' Pick

For material based on the gospel text, see "High-Ceiling Thinking," March 9, 2008, at

Do you want to be in better health? Solvitur ambulando.

Are you feeling like you're about to flip out? Solvitur ambulando.

The baby won't stop crying? Solvitur ambulando.

Feeling stressed, depressed or anxious? Solvitur ambulando.

Need to work through a problem with a friend? Solvitur ambulando.

Are you lacking inspiration? Solvitur ambulando.

Age catching up with you? Solvitur ambulando.

Are you spiritually dry? Solvitur ambulando.

Okay. Assuming you don't read, speak or understand Latin, we'll explain. Solvitur ambulando...

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