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Was the Apostle Paul Trying to Reinvent the Wheel? Romans 4:1-5, 13-17

Was the Apostle Paul Trying to Reinvent the Wheel?

The old wheel of religious devotion now collapses and fits into the lives of those who have faith in Christ.

At a Glance

You'd think that an object, the essential characteristic of which is perfect roundness, could not be improved upon. If it's round, it's round. End of story. Well, not quite. Not if you're Duncan Fitzsimons who decided he could invent a better wheel. We start with his story and then wonder if there's a better way to be holy than the tried-and-true "keep the law, keep the law, keep the law."

Editors' Pick

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The wheel is a terrific invention, one that has been incredibly popular since its debut 7,000 years ago.

From Sumerian carts to American cars, wheels have kept us moving forward. They are critical to the operation of almost any form of transportation -- planes, trains, automobiles, bicycles and even unicycles. By the way, do you know why unicyclists can always go...

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