Bringing the Text to Life

Baby Talk 1 Corinthians 3:1-9

Baby Talk

In this text, the apostle Paul becomes Dr. Paul, pediatrician. Something's wrong with the spiritual development of the Corinthian church.

At a Glance

Researchers say that babies learn to define words best when parents listen and respond. The apostle Paul listens to the infant Corinthian church and offers it some remedial vocabulary!

Editor's Pick

For material based on the OT reading, see "Live the Wild Life," February 14, 1993 , at

We've all seen what happens when someone brings a baby into a room full of adults. Suddenly, these ostensibly intelligent people, having polite, adult conversation, turn into a bunch of babbling goofballs. The tone of their voices jumps up a few octaves, and they start talking in a ridiculous Chinese accent, unable to say their "r's" or "l's" or something (as in "Aren't you a cute, widdle guy?"). They begin to make funny faces and have an uncontrollable urge to gently shake the baby's tiny fingers or toes.

"Baby talk" is the catchall phrase for both the sounds the infant makes as she works at learning language and the high frequency pidgin English the adults around her use...

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