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2014: Year of the Ark Psalm 29

2014: Year of the Ark

When we find ourselves gasping for breath, overwhelmed by life's?problems, we need an ark for our spirits.

At a Glance

We know. It's a bit strange to be talking about Noah's Ark given the text is Psalm 29. But this text (see vv. 3 and 10) does seem to make a connection. And, since Noah's Ark theme parks and attractions seem to be all over creation right now, well -- we thought we'd bring it up.

Editor's Pick

For material based on the gospel reading, see "A Dangerous Baptism," January 9, 2011, at

The new year has begun, and conditions look good for a flood.

A flood of arks.

Arks are bobbing up around the world at a surprising rate.

In the Netherlands, you can now visit "Ark van Noach." This is a full-sized ark model that actually floats. Built by a construction company owner named Johan Huibers, it cost $1.3 million and weighs 3,000 tons.

In Hong Kong, another full-sized replica of Noah's ark exists at "Noah's Ark Park and Resort." It stands alongside a solar telescope, a set of gardens and evangelistic displays. Unfortunately, its Christian benefactors are on trial...

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