Bringing the Text to Life

The Insomniac Christian Matthew 24:36-44

The Insomniac Christian

Stay awake for Jesus!

At a Glance

What's the record for staying awake? More than 250 hours. Millions of Americans suffer from insomnia. That's not good. But Jesus tells us to "stay awake." We take a look at what that means.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's epistle text, see "The Advent Patch," November 28, 2004, at

Imagine this -- It's been a long, exhausting day filled with work, obligations, meetings, errands and responsibilities. You were up early and plowed through your "to do" list at work, then you got the kids to their activities and threw some sandwiches together to eat on the run. Eventually, you made it home only to find more chores to do. Finally, the day comes to an end, and what do you want to do? Fall into bed, relax as your eyes get heavy, and gently slip into a deep, refreshing sleep. It's Serta time!

But wait! Sound the alarm! Jesus says in our text today, "Stay awake!" (v. 42). Even as we struggle to keep our eyes open ...

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