Bringing the Text to Life

No Big Regrets Luke 16:19-31

No Big Regrets

How does one live a life of integrity in which actions mesh with one's deepest convictions?

At a Glance

A recent report of deathbed regrets reveals some surprising data. No one reported missing an important business meeting, or failing to take a bungee plunge off the Royal Gorge bridge in Colorado. The top five regrets of dying people might shock you. But then, consider the case in the Bible of the rich man who ignored Lazarus, the beggar at his door.

Editors' Pick

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Ron Wayne was one of the founders of Apple, along with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. He helped to steer the computer company in its early days, and had a hand in designing the famous Apple logo. Wayne owned 10 percent of the company, while Jobs and Wozniak each owned 45 percent. But Wayne decided to hand back his stake, fearing that he would be liable for a portion of a $15,000 loan if the company went under.

Apple succeeded, of course, and if Wayne had held on to his stake it would now be worth...

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