Bringing the Text to Life

Honey from the Rock Psalm 81:1, 10-16

Honey from the Rock

Honey from the rock" is the blessing for listening and obeying.

At a Glance

The phrase "honey from the rock" comes from today's text of course. Doesn't seem like it's possible to get honey from a rock, to get something sweet out of a hard, unyielding place. If that's what you think, well ... think again. Read on.

Editors' Pick

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God is in the honey business.

We know this because our text says so: "With honey from the rock I would satisfy you" (v. 16). God has honey, and God wants to give us some.

Show me the honey!

Getting honey from a rock is not like getting blood from a turnip — it's something that can actually be done — but it requires keeping your ears open.

If you're looking for an actual beehive in a rocky land, listening for the buzzing of the bees helps you detect the location of a hive. If you're looking for honey from a rock as God promises in Psalm 81, where the...

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