Bringing the Text to Life

Self-cleaning Clothes Isaiah 1:1, 10-20

Self-cleaning Clothes

God demands both purity and cleanliness, a purity and cleanliness rooted in action.

At a Glance

Chinese engineers have developed a cloth that cleans itself. This could have a revolutionary impact on the detergent or laundry industry. It reminds us of what the ancient prophets says about laundry in Isaiah 1.

Editors' Pick

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Chinese material engineers have recently invented self-cleaning clothes. Soon, our everyday, ordinary clothes will have the capacity to clean themselves.

How is this possible, you ask? According to one study, dunking cotton into a vat of specially-crafted nanoparticles creates a material that self-cleans when exposed to sunlight. In one test, Chinese engineers dyed materials for 30 minutes in an orange dye. They then hung the clothes beneath simulated sunlight. The dye's hold over the fabric broke, and, after a time, easily washed off with water.

Imagine the applications! College students will no longer need to peel off their clothes after a long...

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