Bringing the Text to Life

The Art of Godliness Proverbs 3:1-12

The Art of Godliness

Today is Father's Day, and we're not talking, necessarily, about our earthly dads.

At a Glance

Feeling a little less than manly this Father's Day? No worries. The best-selling book, The Art of Manliness, is here to help. With advice on everything from how to build a campfire, shave like your grandpa, and have the talk with your kids, this book aims to bring back the lost art of being a true scholar, stud and gentleman. It's reminiscent of another how-to book, the book of Proverbs. Although Proverbs isn't so concerned with manliness as it is godliness -- which is applicable for us all.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "Much Love," June 14, 1998, at

Being a good dad doesn't come easily.

Being the kind of dad whose kids will one day remember him with fondness and joy is hard work. Being the kind of dad who, although being far from perfect, still manages to love and lead his children well is no easy task. As the preacher of this material, you are aware that not everyone is in a relationship, but you can address the women...

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