Bringing the Text to Life

Open Outcry Psalm 5:1-8

Open Outcry

We can gain relief by speaking honestly about our troubles, and find a path forward as well.

At a Glance

Some stock exchanges still use a system of communication known as "open outcry." Sounds like what's going on in Psalm 5.

Editors' Pick

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On a tour of Chicago, a retired United Methodist pastor named Benjamin Pratt made a discovery.

One that gave him a fresh insight into Scripture.

Passing the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Benjamin's guide surprised him by saying that trading in the exchange is not electronic, even in the 21st century. Instead, the communication of buy-and-sell information is accomplished by hand gestures. The system is known as "Open Outcry."

"Open Outcry," said Benjamin to himself. "I couldn't get the phrase out of my head. For more than a century, that phrase has captured the emotional, split-second, make-or-break trading system that fuels a major part of our economy. ... Yet, somehow, I hadn't heard that phrase until our tour of Chicago -- or had I?"

Psalm 5 ...

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