Bringing the Text to Life

Virtual Healing Luke 7:1-10

Virtual Healing

Jesus is a healer, which is good news because many of us need his healing word.

At a Glance

Therapists are using virtual reality technology to help heal soldiers suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The centurion in this week's text uses the virtual reality treatment of faith to invite Jesus to heal his servant.

Natasha Young was a spirited and proud young Marine when she went to Iraq several years ago as a member of a close-knit unit tasked with disabling IEDs (improvised explosive devices, also known as roadside bombs) before they could be detonated by the enemy and kill or injure friendly troops. The unit was always busy at this highly stressful and dangerous work.

Staff Sgt. Young did two tours in Iraq, and, on the second tour of duty, six of her fellow Marines were killed when the bombs they were diffusing went off. Each death was a staggering punch to the gut for her and the rest of the unit. The unit's commander took his own life after they returned home. Young broke down physically, emotionally and mentally and was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic...

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