Bringing the Text to Life

The Geography of Joy Acts 16:16-34

The Geography of Joy

When we're in the darkness and trusting God, joy is simply a description of what's happening in the geography of our inner being.

At a Glance

We begin with a book by former NPR correspondent, Eric Weiner, in which he travels to places in the world where people seem insanely happy. Thus the title of his book, The Geography of Bliss. This leads us to the question as to whether there is anyplace where a Christian cannot find his or her bliss. In today's text, we find that even in a prison, one can find joy.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "Unam Humanum," May 31, 1992, at

In the Declaration of Independence, we Americans asserted our right to the pursuit of happiness. Actually catching it, however, is another thing altogether.

Happiness is indeed a sometimes elusive quality, but that seldom keeps us from trying to grab it. And not too long ago, former National Public Radio foreign correspondent Eric Weiner made an organized attempt to do so.

Or maybe we'd be more accurate to say he went in pursuit of where happiness makes its home. That is, as a rationale for writing a ...

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