Bringing the Text to Life

FOMO Christians Isaiah 43:16-21

FOMO Christians

God is doing something new, and there's no reason to miss out.

At a Glance

We begin with the observation that a high percentage of the population has become hooked on technology. It's become a sociological phenomenon. This has fed an obsession with moving on to the next best thing. We're afraid to miss out on anything cool or exciting, anything that might be happening without us. This is a good thing, Isaiah says, because God is doing something new. Unfortunately, Isaiah's people didn't have FOMO, they had FLOP.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "The Power of Waste," March 21, 2010, at

She's falling apart. Thoughts darting everywhere. Jittery toe-tapping. Knotted up fists. Pulse throbbing. It's been almost two hours since getting her last fix. She can hardly focus on the words being spoken to her. She's desperate for another hit as icy terror washes over her.

She knows what she needs ... it's sitting right there in her purse. She's fixated on it. Imagining the escape. Playing that rush...

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