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Tithing and Lent Deuteronomy 26:1-11

Tithing and Lent

A study shows that tithing can actually make you happy -- a great message for the beginning of Lent!

At a Glance

Homiletics would like to help you help your congregation to be happy and experience blessings beyond belief. So we start with a recent study in the journal Science which has some startling news about what makes people happy.

Editors' Pick

For material based on this same text, see "Stone Testaments," March 5, 1995, at

Have you been unhappy lately?

Here's the secret to happiness: Tithing.

In a paper published in the journal Science, researchers ran experiments that tested the effects of what they call "prosocial spending," or charitable giving. They found out that giving money away makes people happy! There you go!

In one experiment, the researchers gave people $5 or $20 bills and assigned them to spend the money by 5 p.m. on either themselves or someone else. Regardless of the amount of money they received, those who gave the money away reported a significant uptick in their happiness compared to when their day started. Those who spent the money on...

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