Bringing the Text to Life

Don't Claim Your Baggage Psalm 51:1-17

Don't Claim Your Baggage

Special Installment: Ash Wednesday

There's only one kind of person who's glad to lose his (her) luggage -- the person who drops off his (her) bags at the cross for someone else to pick up.

At a Glance

Every day, millions of bags make it to their destinations and are successfully retrieved by their owners, and of those that do manage to get misplaced, the vast majority make it home safely. Some luggage isn't so lucky. Some goes unclaimed completely. That is, until the Unclaimed Baggage Center get its hands on it. At the UBC, lost luggage finds a new home. It's the one place on the planet where unclaimed baggage is a good thing. Well, perhaps not the ONLY place ....

Editors' Pick

For material based on this same reading, see "Fugitive Fools," February 28, 2001, at

It's every traveler's nightmare: lost luggage. Many of us have been there. We endure a cramped flight, a painfully slow process of deplaning and shuffling down the aisle of the aircraft and snake our way through concourses and down escalators to the luggage area only to discover that ours -- for whatever reason -- is nowhere to be found on the suitcase carousel. "Great," we think. "Just my...

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