Bringing the Text to Life

The Most Elite Club in the World Mark 9:38-50

The Most Elite Club in the World

It's nice for people to feel as though they are "insiders" somewhere. But maybe the church needs to create less of that feeling?

At a Glance

There are exclusive clubs and then there are ultra-exclusive clubs. These are clubs to which only a few of the world's six billion people can belong. We bring this up because the disciple John makes an unusual complaint when he sees someone not of their group doing something good. So it invites a sermonic discussion about cliques in our congregations and a possible elitist mentality in our approach to our mission.

Editors' Pick

For material based on the epistle reading, see "Any Among You Sick?" September 27, 2009, at This material offers a fully developed service of healing.

The Disney Club 33, the Beefsteak Club, the Bilderberg Club, the Giga Society, the Woodcock Club, the Trilateral Commission, the Ejection Tie Club, the Association of the Dead, the Bohemian Club and the Seven Society (for more on some of these, see the sidebar on page 48).

These clubs are among the most elite in the world. The reason we bring this up is because of what the...

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