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Am I Ugly? James 1:17-27

Am I Ugly?

Tweeners are concerned about their physical appearance. The apostle James says we should be working a little harder on our spiritual looks.

At a Glance

Am I pretty? Am I ugly? It's a common question for self-conscious teenagers to ask. What's not so common is for them to ask it on YouTube and invite the world to offer its scathing, anonymous critique. Yet that's exactly what thousands of young girls are now doing. In the process they're learning the hard way that when you want honest and helpful affirmation, the audience you seek out for it makes all of the difference in the world.

Editors' Pick

For material based on this same text, see "Just Looking," August 28, 1994, at

Her screen name is "sgal901" -- and she wants to know if she's pretty or if she's ugly. But rather than ask her parents or ponder it with her friends, this middle-school student decides instead to pose the question to the world at large, via YouTube.

That's right. Smiling sweetly at her laptop and donning a knit-cap made to look like a koala bear "sgal901" does what middle school girls do: She complains of being called ugly by some and ...

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