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Ant Raft, or Body-surfing Re-imagined Ephesians 4:1-16

Ant Raft, or Body-surfing Re-imagined

Drop one ant in water, and it's dead. Drop a tablespoon of ants in water and they live through interconnection.

At a Glance

Several months ago, news broke in scientific journals and later in the popular press about how fire ants survive when hit by flash floods. Amazingly, they link up -- thousands of them -- by clinging to and biting each other to form an "ant raft" upon which other ants can ride out the flood until washed up on land. Whereupon they resume doing what fire ants do. Is this ant-linkage-raft-thing a metaphor for the church?

Editors' Pick

For material based on this same text, see "Togethering," August 6, 2006, at

Bodysurfing. Almost anyone braving the breakers has tried it at some point. The concept is simple -- instead of riding waves using a surfboard or Boogie-board, a person surfs on his or her own body. Line up in front of a big enough wave, take off swimming, and that wave will pick you up and surf you along its crest.

A great ride and a real rush -- if you can handle the crushing turbulence and foam at the end of the line.

Not only humans have been spotted...

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