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The Counter-Culture Christian 2 Corinthians 6:1-13

The Counter-Culture Christian

The cost of discipleship can be high

At a Glance

We begin with some Hollywood types observing that it ain't easy being a Christian in Tinseltown. But -- is it easy being a Christian anywhere? The text would suggest that signing up to follow Jesus could be hazardous to one's career, not to speak of one's health. But is the greatest apostle of the church -- ever -- asking us to log on for beatings, sleepless nights and imprisonment? Read on.

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For material based on today's Gospel text, see "Take an Ember Day," June 22, 1997, at

Being a Christian could ruin your career.

So says Patricia Heaton, the two-time Emmy Award-winning actress from the hit TV show Everybody Loves Raymond, and other celebrity-types. Identifying yourself as a Christian can lead to exclusion and fewer work opportunities. Our culture expects one's faith, at least Christian faith, to be a private matter. So anyone who's an openly observant Christian -- well, that just raises a lot of red flags.

When asked about the...

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