Bringing the Text to Life

That Should Work Luke 24:44-53

That Should Work

There are plenty of items in our everyday world that look like they should work, but actually don't. Jesus gives his disciples instructions that shouldn't have worked, but actually did.

At a Glance

We assume that because there's a button to push, that pushing it makes a difference. We assume that what the advertiser tells us is true, is true. Not always the case. Are we sometimes too willing to follow conventional wisdom? Jesus has some counterintuitive advice for his followers as they prepare to carry on his work, and it's advice we often are not willing to accept. His advice is: WAIT!

Editors' Pick

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So, imagine the typical scene: You're late for work at your office on the 10th floor of that generic building and you jump into an open elevator, only to find that the doors aren't closing fast enough for you so that you can get on with your business. So, you jab at the "close door" button four or five times and, after a slight delay, the doors ease closed, leaving you satisfied that you have exerted masterful control over the recalcitrant machine.

You get...

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