Bringing the Text to Life

Friends for Hire John 15:9-17

Friends for Hire

"I have called you friends," Jesus said. What did he mean?

At a Glance

Got no one to go to the big game with? Dreading the thought of heading to your cousin's wedding alone? Or are you just tired of dining by yourself? Well, now you can rent a friend -- that's right -- rent a friend who will hang out, chitchat and be your buddy in just about any situation. Sure, you have to pay them, but sometimes simply having someone to share life with is worth it, no matter the cost.

Editors' Pick

For material based on today's gospel text, see "Love Covers," May 8, 1994, at

What does it take to forge a friendship? Well, the answers will probably vary depending on just whom you ask. The two guys who have been buddies since college will tell you that friendship requires a shared experience that binds you together for a lifetime. Ask the three girlfriends who share shopping and coffee together every Saturday and they'll say it's about having common interests over which you can connect. A group of inseparable 7-year-old boys will likely tell ...

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