Bringing the Text to Life

Empty Is Everything Mark 16:1-8

Empty Is Everything

Full is good. Empty is bad. At least, that's what we've always been told, right?

At a Glance

Given a choice, we prefer full to empty. Full sounds positive; empty sounds very negative. Empty implies want and need, whereas full suggests abundance and blessing. Yet, the material that follows says that Easter is not for "full people," but that Easter is for "empty people." Huh?

Editors' Pick

For material based on the John 20 gospel text, see "Used Tombstones,"March 31, 1991, at

There are two types of people in this world. Full people and empty people.

And if one were to take a poll and ask the question, "Which would you rather be: full or empty?" most of us would probably say, "Full." Right? Think about it. "Full" is good.

- Full Easter eggs? Good.
- Full church on Sunday? For you as the pastor, that's good.
- Children full of respect and manners? Good.
- A home full of comfortable, plush furniture? Good.
- A marriage full of laughter and love? Good and good.
- A full stomach? Good.
- A full bank account? Good.
- A full pantry? Good.

A full gas tank?...

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