Bringing the Text to Life

No SlumLord Matthew 21:33-46

No SlumLord

God is the Landlord; we're the tenants. Landlord-tenant relationships can be chippy. How are we doing?

At a Glance

They lure you in with low rent only to insist you live in dangerously low standards. They're not landlords, they're slumlords, and New York City recently launched a website to crack down on the worst of the worst. Like New York City, the Kingdom of God has a similar problem. Only in this case, the problem isn't a bad, neglectful owner. God is no slum Lord. We're simply terrible tenants.

Editors' Pick

For a treatment of the epistle text for this Sunday, see "Be a Spoon," March 29, 1998, at

You can hear the rats rummaging through your cupboards. You wake up to cockroaches crawling across your bed. The faucet leaks. The door sticks. Water damage has left a hole in your ceiling with light peering through from the apartment above. Several questionable characters have begun sleeping and selling dope out of the unlocked basement below. The toilet? Well, let's just say it isn't pretty. The radiator turns all 600 square feet into a sauna in the winter and the...

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