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Sandals of Skepticism Exodus 3:1-15

Sandals of Skepticism

It's easy not to notice when we are on holy ground, but when we do, we should neither explain it away nor enshrine it.

At a Glance

This material begins with a variety of examples about cultural requirements concerning holy places. One recent occasion when such issues hit the front pages concerns President Obama's non-visit to the Golden Temple in India. A discussion of dress codes which follows is linked to perceptions about how to properly observe the holy nature of the site one is entering. The material then moves to the desert where we find Moses being asked to remove his shoes, because he's on holy ground.

Editors' Pick

For a treatment of today's epistle reading, see "Pay-What-You-Can Christianity," August 31, 2008, at

Last November, when President Barack Obama stopped in India, one of the places he did not visit there was the Golden Temple, one of India's most popular tourist attractions (seen here in the artwork on this page and the PowerPoint slides). In one sense, it seemed like an ideal location for a world leader to make an appearance. Although it's the spiritual center of...

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