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The Pain/Gain Correlation Romans 8:12-25

The Pain/Gain Correlation

We need to work at our faith, even to the point of pain, for without that, there's not only no gain, there's not even any maintain.

At a Glance

Although some say the no pain/no gain philosophy is a myth, here's the deal: It's not. What you'll find here is a fresh look at this idea as seen through the eyes of arguably the NT's fittest and most able fitness trainer, the apostle Paul himself. Sure, he had that bad eye problem and some sort of pain in his side, but the guy was buff.

Editors' Pick

For material based on this same text, see "Ab Rollers, Androstene and the Hope of Glory," July 18, 1999, at

So you finally get it together and decide to begin an exercise program. It almost doesn't matter whether it's walking, jogging, swimming, practicing yoga or step aerobics, weight-training or following some other plan. As long as it's gotten you off the couch and onto your feet in some active way, it's a good thing.

And perhaps this time, you really get into the program and stay with it for a while. Your muscle tone and overall fitness improve, your cholesterol numbers head in the right direction, your...

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