Bringing the Text to Life

Christ in the Hallows Romans 8:1-11

Christ in the Hallows

As his epic journey comes to an end, Harry Potter enters a final showdown with Sin and Death. Just like Jesus.

At a Glance

This material is full of Harry Potter and the apostle Paul. Homiletics has followed Harry for 10 years now, and this piece wraps it up with a persuasive comparison between Harry's contest with Lord Voldemort and Jesus Christ and his victory over the power of Sin.

Editors' Pick

For material based on this same text, see "Stewards in the Square," July 13, 2008, at

Lord Voldemort possesses the secret to immortality: dark, magical objects called Horcruxes.

And Harry Potter is out to destroy them.

The final movie of the Harry Potter series contains a spectacular battle between the evil and good forces of the wizarding world. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 opens July 15, bringing to an end a decade of successful and lucrative movie-making. In this conclusion to the series, the stakes are high, the action is intense and none of the heroes is safe. Harry himself may be called on to make the ultimate sacrifice as he enters a deadly showdown with Lord...

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