Bringing the Text to Life

Lucky Abraham Genesis 22:1-14

Lucky Abraham

In a down economy, more people are looking for a lucky break. Abraham teaches us that a belief in God's providence trumps luck every time.

At a Glance

Even when - perhaps especially when - the economy tanks, people often turn to Lady Luck for financial advice. What follows is a cottage industry of people who try to help others "attract" luck. You'd think we were living in the Stone Age, or 3,000 years ago, when a patriarch had everything going his way until ...

Editors' Pick

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During the recent economic downturn, a lot of folks have been cutting back on things - you know, eating out less, delaying the purchase of a car, maybe even trying to downsize their home, if anyone will buy it. Some people are wisely cutting back on using credit cards and are vacationing at a local park rather than heading to an exotic destination.

What Americans don't seem to be cutting back on, however, is the dream of striking it rich and doing it the easy way - easy, that is, if you're lucky....

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