Bringing the Text to Life

Just One Drop John 7:37-39

Just One Drop

The fresh and free-flowing water Jesus offers can change lives and give hope for the future.

At a Glance

This sermon material is all about the importance of water. It opens with an outfit called the Clean Water Initiative, begun by Christians from Saddleback Church in California after visiting Rwanda. It moves to this little reading in John about water and the Holy Spirit, thus connecting it with Pentecost Sunday.

Editors' Pick

For a number of homiletical treatments of the traditional Pentecost text for Cycles A, B and C, Acts 2:1-21, go to the Homiletics archives, Search by Date or by Scripture. We suggest "The Spirit Scale," May 15, 2005.

The water looked clean, but the children kept getting sicker and sicker.

No one knew what to do.

"One time, I had four children all in the hospital at once," says a pastor named Justin in the African nation of Rwanda. He didn't understand about germs and disease transmission in the local water.

Then Larry and Carolyn McBride showed up on a mission trip from Saddleback Church in California. After seeing children carry dirty...

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