Bringing the Text to Life

Pitch Patience Exodus 17:1-7

Pitch Patience

The world’s longest experiment leaves observers waiting around for something to happen only once every eight or nine years. How does that compare to God’s patience?

At a Glance

This material is all about patience. We start by noting a lab experiment that began in 1927 and continues today in which researchers record how long it takes for a drop of pitch (as in tar) to drop. Since 1927, only eight drops have fallen, and the ninth is expected to fall soon. A Web cam has been set up so people around the world can view the event. In today’s OT text, patience and water are two commodities in short supply.

Editors’ Pick

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“Anticipation is making me late, is keeping me waiting.”

Depending on your age and pop-culture orientation, that will make you think of either a 1971 Carly Simon hit— or ketchup.

In the late ’70s, before the advent of plastic squeeze bottles and instant condiment gratification, Heinz touted its ketchup as being so thick and rich that it was virtually impossible to get out of the glass bottle. Many baby boomers remember having to smack the...

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