Bringing the Text to Life

A Sustainable Life Matthew 6:24-34

A Sustainable Life

We used to have revival services, but today we’d be better served by sustainer services.


We hear that word more often these days, as consciousness of our impact on the natural world has increased. By itself, the word means “the capacity to endure,” but as applied to how we live in the world, it refers to interacting with the environment in a way that yields long-term maintenance of both our well-being and the well-being of the natural world. Environmentalist Paul Hawken defines sustainability as “stabilizing the currently disruptive relationship between Earth’s two most complex systems — human culture and the living world.”

Maybe you’re already into the sustainability movement, or, as it’s sometimes called, the “green” or “Go Green” approach to life. As a sign of the movement’s viability, jokes have started to abound: You might be a Greenie if … you haven’t bought a new piece of clothing in years because everything you own finally came back in style again … you reuse the same tea bag so many times the water in your cup finally reverts back to its clear...

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