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Gouty Christians Hebrews 11:29-12:2

Gouty Christians

Once the “disease of kings,” gout is making a comeback. It’s even afflicting our spiritual mobility.

Sharing something in common with the likes of Sir Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin might typically be thought of as a good thing.

But each year, more and more Americans are groaning in pain because of a connection they share with those giants of history. You would, too. Newton and Franklin both suffered from gout, an extremely painful and debilitating form of arthritis. According to various studies, cases of gout have doubled in the last few decades, with an estimated 6 million Americans suffering from the disease.

Gout has been called “the disease of kings.” Throughout history, it’s been seen as a disease afflicting mainly people who have access to opulent amounts of fine food and drink and who enjoy a more sedentary lifestyle. For example, Henry VIII spent his final days barely able to move. The famously indulgent, plus-sized king was bedridden and covered in painful, suppurating boils —known to be side effects of a nasty case of gout.

Perhaps not surprisingly in modern America,...

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