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Thou Shalt Not Live by Street Food Alone Luke 4:1-13

Thou Shalt Not Live by Street Food Alone

After 40 days of fasting, Jesus had to be starving. So how did he resist temptation?

Some of the best food the world has to offer isn’t found in a fancy restaurant with white tablecloths and high prices. You won’t see it being made with skill and fury on Iron Chef or being finished off with a sprinkle of seasoning and a boisterous “Bam!” from Emeril Lagasse.

No, some of the world’s best food is found in the same place you’ll find cabs, newspaper stands and crowds of people making their way to work. Some of the best food your fingers can grab is found on the street.

Now, in the States, quality street food can be hard to find — unless, of course, you make your home in some major metropolis such as New York City, where thousands of vendors peddle everything imaginable, from the standard hot dog and pretzel to crepes or knish. In the rest of the world, however, street food is standard fare and, according to many, it’s some of the most satisfying food to be found.

In Palermo, Italy, it’s easy to be lured in by someone selling panelle, a snack of chickpea fritters, or...

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