Bringing the Text to Life

The Confession Gadget Psalm 51:1-17

The Confession Gadget

Bad-fitting prayers are a perfect fit for our souls.

Here’s a problem for you: Let’s say you have a beautiful pet parrot, and you like him so much that you want to let him fly freely around your house instead of spending his days in a cage. So you leave the cage door open, and the bird comes and goes as he pleases.

But there’s just one problem, and we’re guessing you can imagine what it is. If you can’t, just stay in the house with the bird for a little while, and the answer will probably hit you on the head. It’s an outcome that might make you put your foot down, but if you do, you’re likely to step right in it — if you get our meaning.

Lorraine Moore of Virginia had this problem. She owned four birds and loved to let them out of their cages. But when her husband, Mark, said enough was enough, they came up with a solution that brought them $1.9 million in gross sales. With some help from a seamstress, they invented bird diapers. (We aren’t making this up.) The Moores strapped these little items to the birds, and they worked so well that...

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