Bringing the Text to Life

One With the Son Mark 9:30-37

One With the Son

Put yourself first, and you might become a star. Put yourself last, and you’ll be first in the kingdom of God.

Dancers, singers, actors and artists.

They all want one thing.


In 1980, the Oscar-winning movie Fame followed a group of talented students through four years at the New York City High School for the Performing Arts. On September 25, a new version of this film releases, starring Debbie Allen, Kelsey Grammer and Bebe Neuwirth. You might remember that Debbie Allen played a dance instructor in the original movie, but now, after almost 30 years, she has been cast as the school’s principal.

The headlines are reading “Allen Returns to Fame.”

At this performing arts high school, the competitive environment is incredibly hot, and each student’s talents, passions and determination are put to the test. In addition, the students face all the other struggles of high school — schoolwork, friendships, romances and the rocky road of self-discovery. This film’s drama lies in its depiction of teenagers growing up as they discover whether they have the talent and discipline to become true stars.

One of ...

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