Bringing the Text to Life

The Kirk of Jesus Christ Acts 4:5-12

The Kirk of Jesus Christ

Peter’s courage before the council in Jerusalem begins the greatest spiritual adventure of all time.

For fans of Spock and Captain Kirk, the future begins on Friday.

A new Star Trek movie hits the theaters this week, and it’s an origins film — it goes back to the time when James T. Kirk was a young man, enrolling at Starfleet Academy. Far from being the captain of the Enterprise, Kirk just barely makes it onto the starship for a journey into space. Then, when the ship’s captain is forced to step down, it’s Spock who’s left in charge of the bridge — with Kirk as his assistant.

For die-hard Trekkies, this role reversal will take some getting-used-to.

Still, the film promises to be a summer blockbuster, with a dramatic invasion of Spock’s home planet by evil Romulans from the future. You’ll see all your favorite characters at the beginning of their careers: Scotty, Bones, Chekov, Uhura. And since Scotty manages to invent time travel as part of his engineering duties, you’ll see some familiar old friends as well. Leonard Nimoy, the...

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