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Crystal Commission Matthew 28:16-20

Crystal Commission

Miracle towels, magnet bracelets and crystal skulls — what do these have to do with the Great Commission?

Four days from this Sunday, Indiana Jones will whip-crack back onto the silver screen and into our imaginations with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. In this fourth installment of the film series, Harrison Ford reprises his beloved role as the unassuming archaeology-professor-meets-world-adventurer with a cocky smile.

It’s been 19 years since Indy’s first lap around the popular film franchise. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was a huge hit, and even after such a gap in time, most of us can still recall John Williams’ adventurous anthem which scores the film.

Let’s cut straight to the chase: What we’re going to argue here is that as Indiana Jones is in search of objects that bestow power (the crystal skulls), Jesus Christ conferred power upon the disciples with a commission, not a crystal. There’s more to it, of course — but first some background.

We bring up Indiana Jones and his latest adventure because congregations all across America are preparing to send their ...

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