Bringing the Text to Life

The Divine Hero Matthew 17:1-9

The Divine Hero

Jesus embraced a huge, virtually impossible assignment. We could call him a hero. But let’s not forget that Jesus invites us to take on a heroic task as well.

Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet has a new hero.

Unfortunately at this point in time — production schedules and all — we don’t know who it is for 2007.

Their Hero of the Year for 2006, however, was Mona Rutger. She was, in fact, their first Hero of the Year!

She won the award which included a trip for two to Hawaii for her work with Back to the Wild, a volunteer wildlife rehabilitation and nature education center that she and her husband run. In addition, Animal Planet donated $10,000 to Back to the Wild to benefit injured animals.

Hero of the year!

What a cool idea! Most kids these days probably don’t grow up thinking they will spend their lives taking care of orphaned animals, or orphaned children, for that matter. They start first grade thinking that someday they’ll be an astronaut, doctor, firefighter, police officer or the president. Little Jennifer never seems to want to do database entry or insurance sales. It’s always something more...

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