Bringing the Text to Life

What Isaiah Got Right Isaiah 42:1-9

What Isaiah Got Right

Good prophets are not fortune-tellers, they’re truth-tellers — and God wants us to listen to what they say.

A new year is starting, and you’ve got to be wondering what the future holds.

Who will win the Super Bowl? Which nation will grab the most gold at the 2008 Olympics? Which candidate will reach the White House?

Most important, who will be the next American Idol?

We simply don’t know. But it’s always an amusing exercise to see what people thought would happen, but didn’t. What was supposed to be “in” but instead stayed “out” — remarkably out.

Take, for example, the inventions that some people predicted would surely have lots of fizz but fizzled instead. The immobilizing foam gun is a weapon that blasts a sticky foam at criminals, so sticky the bad guy can’t move. It’s sort of like being wrapped up in salt water taffy. Problem is, the foam also immobilizes a person’s air passages. Thus the immobilized person becomes a dead person. Wasn’t a big hit as was predicted.

Or the ferret locator, deemed essential in the UK where ferrets quite usefully chase rabbits into their holes but get lost. This ...

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