Bringing the Text to Life

Grunting Allowed Luke 14:25-33

Grunting Allowed

It’s amazing what gets people bent out of shape. For some, it’s the grunters lifting weights. For Jesus, it’s the people who don’t lift the cross.

What do you expect when working out at your gym?

Sweaty bodies? Naturally. A body burning calories has to get rid of heat somehow. Carry a towel so you don’t share your sweat, but perspiration is expected.

T-shirts and running shoes? Sure. Nobody wants their haute couture getting all nasty from a workout, so ultra-casual attire is the norm.

Hard work? As the popular dictum goes, “No pain, no gain.” We expect exertion at the gym (which is why most of us never go).

Grunting? Whoa now … that’s a little radical even for a place where people are lifting enormous amounts of weight.

At least that’s the case at any of the 120 Planet Fitness gym locations. They’ve banned grunting during weightlifting. In an attempt to eliminate any gym practices that might intimidate workout novices, their locations each come equipped with a Lunk Alarm. The Lunk Alarm is a giant purple siren mounted on the wall next to this definition: “lunk – n. [slang] one who...

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