Bringing the Text to Life

Accident Forgiveness Psalm 51:1-17

Accident Forgiveness

Insurance companies now offer "accident forgiveness" for customers involved in minor accidents. What kind of forgiveness does God offer when our sin isn't necessarily unintentional?

You're driving down your local highway in the dead of winter and you see a patch of ice coming up.

You grip the wheel and think back to driver's ed and what Mr. Whatshisname taught you about curve negotiation and threshold braking.

You hit the ice and go into a slight spin. Okay. Do you hit the brakes or not hit the brakes? Do you turn the wheel in the direction of the skid or in a counter-direction?

Doesn't matter. You're into the guardrail and the front end of your car looks like overcooked rigatoni.

Maybe it wasn't your driving. Those new expensive snow tires failed to grip the road as they were supposed to. Maybe if that dang cell phone hadn't rung. Why didn't the highway crews get some sand or mag-chloride on the roads as they're supposed to?

And the insurance company is going to hang you out to dry.

So when you go to your mailbox a few weeks later, you're expecting a letter from your extortion company, and when you open it you're expecting that there's gonna be a hefty increase in ...

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